Terms and Conditions

As the person booking this holiday, you are taking full responsibility for ensuring your party complies with these Terms and Conditions of booking, and by booking you are confirming that you and your party will adhere to them. 


NOISE: This is a family caravan park. No excess noise or music between 22.30 - 7.30 hours. Please respect your neighbours. A Maximum of 6 people allowed per pitch,  All units and pitch awnings must fit within the borders of the pitch, including guy ropes.

TENTS: We have a strict no tent policy (No Exceptions).

GROUNDSHEETS All awnings must have breathable ground-sheets. No tarpaulins or plastic sheeting. 


ELECTRIC HOOK UP: All pitches have electric hook up points, please ensure that the switch is set to off when inserting and removing cables failure to do this could cause damage to the supply or your unit.  No domestic kettles, hairdryers or heaters. High consumption domestic appliances will cause electricity supply to trip out.

TV ARIEL HOOK UP: On each pitch there is a TV Ariel hook up box as the signal is not great or may be unavailable, please note this is subject to availability as sometimes the signal can drop (No refunds will be given due to the lack of TV signal).

PHONE SIGNAL: Please note that the mobile phone signal in the area is intermittent dependant on network. if you do have an issue with your mobile phone signal this will need to be resolved with your network provider. (The Grouse and Claret can and will not offer any compensation due to poor phone signals.


FREE WIFI: Free WIFI is available across 70% of the site but signal is intermittent and is not guaranteed, No refunds will be given due to poor or weak WIFI.


DOGS: Well-behaved, supervised dogs are welcome. They must be kept on a short lead or tethered at all times. Dog mess must be cleared up immediately. No dogs are allowed on the children play area. If your dog causes injury or distress to staff, other guests or their pets, or damage to the site, you will be asked to leave and no refund will be made. We reserve the right to charge you for repairing any damage caused by your dog. Dogs must not be left unattended on site. We do not accept liability for any injury or damage, either to your dog or caused by your dog, or the loss of your dog, and you agree to indemnify us from all actions, claims, costs & proceedings, including legal fees, arising from your acts or omissions, or those in your party, whilst on our site.


CARS:  All cars must be removed from site immediately after set up (This is due to fire regulations specific to our site, We know this is not ideal but is necessary until a solution is found that the local fire Marshall is happy with, It is for your safety. Please restrict vehicular movement on the campsite between 22.30 hours and 7.30 hours.


UNITS: Please position your caravan with the “Jockey Wheel” facing the road ways and Motor homes facing forward, awnings pitched normal side only.

WASTE: Chemical Waste points are situated at the front of the shower block for your convenience - in the interests of Health and Safety for all please ensure that they are left clean and thoroughly rinsed after each use - do not put any stones/sticks or other debris down these waste points. Only household waste that is used on site to be placed in the dustbins provided. 

BARBECUES  & FIRES: must be raised at least 30cm off the ground and not on the grass areas (Use hard standing). No open fires. Charcoal or gas BBQs only. No burning of wood, paper or plastic whatsoever. No inflammable liquid. No Fire Pits unless used with spark guard which is kept in place at all times when lit.

BOOKING & PAYMENT: At the time of booking card details are taken to secure your booking. All balances due must be paid on check in and are non transferable and non refundable. We reserve the right to cancel the booking if no card details are on file. No reminders are sent. For Bank Holiday bookings (minimum 3 nights), the full amount is due at the time of booking. Payment can be made by Credit or Debit card over the phone. Cheques are not accepted.  Guests are kindly requested not to RESERVE pitches by obstructing them with cars or equipment. Please respect others space.


ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE: Arrival after 12.00 hours. On arrival, check in at Reception in the pub and obtain your Pitch No. Departure before 11.00* hours, leaving your pitch free of all rubbish. * Late departures may be possible please speak to us the day before check out to see availability.


CANCELLATION: We require 48 hours notice for cancelations. If cancelled less than 48hrs hours the full payment for your stay will be taken from the card held on file.  We recommend you take out holiday insurance to protect yourself against possible loss. In unlikely event that we have to cancel, our liability is limited to any payment or deposit already paid.


UNREASONABLE BEHAVIOUR: We have the right to refuse admission. In such cases all monies paid will be refunded as soon as reasonably possible, the contract will be terminated and we will have no further liability. In the event of guest misbehaviour during occupancy, we reserve the right to terminate the booking without any refund of monies paid. Misbehaviour specifically includes, but is not limited to, inconsiderate behaviour, drunkenness, undue or out of hours noise, dog aggression or barking, not picking up your dog’s mess immediately.


LIABILITY AND SAFETY Please take care. The site is a natural environment and the ground may be uneven, have rutts, potholes or branches on which you can trip etc. There is the river at the rear of the camp site so children must be supervised at all times, (Strictly no swimming allowed) Familiarise yourself with where the water and fire points are. We do not accept liability for injury or damage or loss of guests’ property, cars and contents and you agree to indemnify us from all actions, claims, costs & proceedings, including legal fees, arising from your acts or omissions, or those in your party, whilst on our property.

GO GROUSE: The Go Grouse App and its information are a guide only this information is taken from various public websites and may not be accurate. please use this information carefully and double check if necessary. We will not be held liable for any loss, damage or injury as a result of any information used in the Go Grouse App.

All discounts and offers in the Go Grouse App are subject to availability, can not be used in conjunction with any other offer and may be withdrawn at any time. (The Managers decision is final).


DATA: Any data collected from this booking may be kept on a computer. It will not be disclosed to any third party.


FEEDBACK: We love feedback so If you have any suggestions for our improvement, please tell us. and if you enjoyed your stay please tell your friends and let them enjoy our site as well.


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